Who is Chloé Morisson?

Right, so you probably ended up here from my blog posts - hope you enjoyed what you read.

Born and raised in Bordeaux, France, I have a Master's degree in Employment Law and Social Protection. I graduated in the mists of the last recession and moved to Dublin, Ireland.
After a stint as a video-games localisation translator, and a brief (but too long) hop back in France in a pure HR role, I've been building my recruitment career over the past 10 years.
In my current job, I'm a jack-of-all-trades, master of recruitment, L&D and data protection. I will happily geek-out with you on anything recruitment or sourcing-related (no-one wants to talk to me about GDPR).

On Monday evenings, I can be found translating comics for Maliki.com. Over the last pre-pandemic Christmas holidays, I read the entire Kate Daniels series - that's 9 books, so Harry Potter #5 was the equivalent of a short-novel. By the way, my Hogwarts' house is Ravenclaw and my Patronus a cat. Big surprise, since I live with 2 cats, one of which has recently been promoted to Micro-manager since I started working from home. When the lock-down kicked in, I started a Senbazuru (Google it, it's interesting), I'm at about 400 cranes right now, but my efforts were thwarted by a bad thumb tendinitis.
I also enjoy martial arts and all things Japanese - I did a ninja workshop in 2019 in Tokyo. When it's safe again to go outside and meet new people, I plan on attending a sword-smithing workshop.
If we play Diablo III together, bring your range character, because I only play tanks (who DPS).
I can usually be found roaming around Saint Stephen's Green on Pokemon Go's Community days.

Anything else you want to know? Email me! 
What I do
  • Recruitment
  • Recruiting Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Learning & Development
  • Data Protection
  • Workplace Mental Health 1st Aider
  • People Systems & Software