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The undervaluation of the non-tech recruiter 

I started in recruitment in July 2010, as a “multilingual recruiter”. By December 2010, I was yearning to move into IT recruitment. Why? Well, in order to hit my monthly target, I had to make 7 placements, whereas my IT colleagues had to make 1.5.

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Online Dating Is Recruitment

The internet is full of articles about how recruitment these days is very similar to online dating. As a recruiter who was online dating before the global pandemic put a halt to socialisation with strangers, let me tell you: Online Dating = Recruitment.

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The recruiter bashing needs to stop

Seriously, why do people hate recruiters so much?   I have gathered 6 reasons candidates hate recruiters, and I’ll try to give you a behind the curtain peek at the work of a recruiter, so hopefully you’ll change your mind.

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20 tips for the recruiter I was in 2010

Dear Chloé from 2010, I know you've just started as a recruiter a couple of weeks ago, and I thought that in my (now) great wisdom, I would share with you 20 things that I've learnt that would have made my life a lot easier if I had known them before.

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