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9 Practical Tips for Newbie Recruiters – 2021 Edition

When you're new in recruitment, everyone will tell you what to do, but not necessarily how to do it in the simplest and most efficient way, so here are 9 concrete tips for everyone who has recently joined the ranks of the recruitment community.

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A day in the life of a recruiter

This week, I'm on annual leave, so I have given the mic to Sabriel to explain to you what she does as an in-house recruiter on a day to day basis. Any question, bring kibbles or fish and she'll answer them.

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Online Dating Is Recruitment

The internet is full of articles about how recruitment these days is very similar to online dating. As a recruiter who was online dating before the global pandemic put a halt to socialisation with strangers, let me tell you: Online Dating = Recruitment.

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The recruiter bashing needs to stop

Seriously, why do people hate recruiters so much?   I have gathered 6 reasons candidates hate recruiters, and I’ll try to give you a behind the curtain peek at the work of a recruiter, so hopefully you’ll change your mind.

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Overcoming my inadequacies as a sourcer

A few years ago, I got a quarterly review from my manager that shook my whole being as a recruiter: I was not sourcing enough. My world got turned upside down and it took me years to overcome the deep-seated inadequacies that I about sourcing.

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20 tips for the recruiter I was in 2010

Dear Chloé from 2010, I know you've just started as a recruiter a couple of weeks ago, and I thought that in my (now) great wisdom, I would share with you 20 things that I've learnt that would have made my life a lot easier if I had known them before.

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