Why Do You Like Being A Recruiter?

If you're a Recruiter and you're interviewing for a new job, chances are, you are going to be asked why you like Recruitment.

I was, recently enough, on the job hunt and my answer to that never varied: I obviously like the Sourcing aspect of the role; it's the closest I'll ever be to being a detective. However, what really matters is that you're making a difference in people's lives. As corny as it sounds, when I see the people that I hired 2-3 years ago progress in their career, I somehow feel super happy. I know they are the ones who did all the hard work to get there, but I was there at the beginning, and I contributed to their success even if it was in a tiny way.

This morning (this was originally Published on April 7, 2017), on my way to work, I stopped to say hello to someone I hired two and a half years ago. We only had a brief chat, but that lady told me that she had been meaning to thank me for my work as a Recruiter with her. She had been looking for a copy of her passport and she found it in the email she had sent me over 2 years ago with her on-boarding documents and it reminded her of the process, how those 2.5 years had gone by so quickly and how things had changed.

She was hired as a standalone for the foreseeable future and she now has a team of 12. What a ride! And in my own little way, I contributed to that.

And if that's corny and cheesy as possible to like my job because of that, then be it! This is what matters to me when it comes to being a Recruiter!