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Reference checks are a waste of time!

Yes, you read it right. Reference checks are a waste of everybody's time and are in no way an accurate predictor of future performance. They are antiquated, biases and won't help you make good hiring decisions.

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What are the Best Times to Call a Recruiter?

A lot of us don't enjoy picking up the phone, we'd much rather text people, but when it comes to following up during a job search process, texting the recruiter may not be possible. When is my recruiter available so I only have to call once?

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A day in the life of a recruiter

This week, I'm on annual leave, so I have given the mic to Sabriel to explain to you what she does as an in-house recruiter on a day to day basis. Any question, bring kibbles or fish and she'll answer them.

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The Tribulations of an In-House Recruiter

Last week, I had misplaced my mojo for some reason, so obviously this week I'm crazy busy. It's not Halloween themed, but it's a bit of fun, and let's face it, most of the planet can do with a bit of fun these days!

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