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Playing D&D will make you a better recruiter

Role Playing Games is one easy and fun way to upskill your Recruiting game (pun intended). You may never have heard of serious games or think that RPGs are for nerds on TV but they can really help your self upskilling.

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Reference checks are a waste of time!

Yes, you read it right. Reference checks are a waste of everybody's time and are in no way an accurate predictor of future performance. They are antiquated, biases and won't help you make good hiring decisions.

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The REAL Reason You Didn’t Get the Job

Not getting the job you interviewed for sucks, and most of the times, you didn't do anything particularly wrong. Here are 15 tips that will help you assess your interview performance, and prepare for your future interviews.

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9 Practical Tips for Newbie Recruiters – 2021 Edition

When you're new in recruitment, everyone will tell you what to do, but not necessarily how to do it in the simplest and most efficient way, so here are 9 concrete tips for everyone who has recently joined the ranks of the recruitment community.

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A day in the life of a recruiter

This week, I'm on annual leave, so I have given the mic to Sabriel to explain to you what she does as an in-house recruiter on a day to day basis. Any question, bring kibbles or fish and she'll answer them.

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Of the importance of hobbies

Let's be honest, I thought this week was going to be one without a post as the world is... depressing. However that funk reminded me of how useful my hobbies are on a day to day basis, so I decided to share.

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